Lewis S. Mills High School Visual Art

Lewis S. Mills Visual Art Faculty
Mark Woodcox
Foundations & 3D Art

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Jennifer Wyzykowski
Foundations & 2D Art
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Lewis S. Mills High School is proud of its visual art program. One of the most popular elective programs at Mills, the art curriculum offers a wide variety of courses and activities to all of the 9-12 student population. In addition there are also courses that will set the serious art student on a professional track toward developing a personal visual art portfolio as well as preparing them for admission to college for art or art education.

All of our art teaching staff members are current practicing professional artists. This gives the students and additional perspective and allows the staff members to bring another unique aspect to their classes and other interaction with the students.

Our art students have opportunities to show their work through the school art shows and other school activities. In addition, there are other vehicles for the showing of art work such as the CAEA Scholastic Art Awards Program.

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The visual arts play a key role in forming the educational experience of all children. Art is fundamental to developing the life skills of problem solving, thinking, and decision making. When students appreciate the importance of the arts in expressing human experiences, art becomes a fundamental part of the fabric of their lives. By developing an appreciation for past and present art forms, students acquire deeper understandings of our own and other cultures. Students learn through art how to describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate their own and others art work. Experiences in the visual arts nurture professional work ethics while helping students acquire communication skills. The visual arts create connections to our past and a path to our future.

How do artists communicate through their artwork?
How do artists solve visual problems?
What methods do artists use to describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate their own and others artwork?
How do artists make connections to other cultures?
How do artists develop a professional work ethic?

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