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Regional School District 10

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Curriculum & Instruction

Vonetta Romeo-Rivers
Director of Teaching and Learning

Kelly Lyder
Executive Assistant

Welcome to the Office of Teaching and Learning.  Here in Region 10, we are guided by several principles and beliefs which are encapsulated in our Mission, our Vision of the Graduate, and our Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement. Our intent is to find these principles alive and well in all classrooms K - 12 and within cohesive structures that support teaching and learning – Professional Learning and Development, Curriculum and Instruction, Teacher Supervision and Evaluation, Assessment of Student Growth, and Budgetary Commitments. All of these larger components of teaching and learning are connected, and while each is incredibly important, it is the interconnectedness of them all that creates “magic” in the learning environment for students and educators. 

No one document or statement of belief can capture the magic we aspire to, but it takes intentional efforts by all members of our teaching and learning community and a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure the outcomes we desire for all our students. They are our top priority and therefore we weave our guiding beliefs and principles into all systems of teaching and learning.  


  • Sometimes more is learned from failure than success and therefore safe environments foster a growth mindset for all

  • Highly engaging, relevant, and rigorous learning must occur every day for all students

  • Consistently high expectations for academic, social and behavioral growth must be upheld in all environments 

  • Positive Communication that is respectful, trusting, and empathetic will help us to achieve our goals

  • Data-driven decision-making and careful analysis of student performance creates a coherent curriculum 

  • Student learning must be at the core of all decision making to create a responsible district budget 

Guiding Principles
Vision of the Graduate
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
Philosophies of Reading and Writing Instruction
Content Area Reading Instruction