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LSM Athletic Booster Club – What do we do & how do we help?

The Lewis S. Mills Athletic Booster Club offers program support through volunteer services at the various sponsored events along with financial support through fundraising efforts. Its purpose is to operate in full support of the school athletic director and principal. The Booster Club will at no time interfere with the policies, methods, eligibility requirements, or other practices of the athletic department or administration. The club’s goal is to provide support to all of our student athletes and coaches. Fairness across the board is our goal. Fairness, however, does not mean equal. Consideration is given to unique and time sensitive needs that may be planned or may arise with less notice.

Money raised comes from various activities including membership, concession sales, merchandise sales, scrip sales and fundraising. Membership for 2010-11 consisted of 165 families (approximately 38%) of the student athlete households. Membership contributions topped the $10,500 mark for the first time in 2011! Help us reach our goal of 100% and join today. Since 2008-2009, over $60,000 in equipment, supplies, awards and support have been donated to our student-athletes, coaches and programs. We can’t do all of this without your support! Please consider lending a hand!

Recent Equipment Purchases for Athletic Program:

2012-2013 Purchases (over $12,000)
Athletic Trainer: Lifecore Upright Bike
Weight Room: Body Solid, Cam Series Leg/Ext/Leg Curl Machine, Smith Machine System
Basketball: Heavy Duty Lockable Basketball Carts
Crew: Concept 2 Oars
Cross Country: Eclipes Tent- 10 X 15 w/ Carry Bag
Football: 26 Wilson Composite Practice Balls, Varsity Equipment Kit
Lacrosse: Replacement Nets for Goals
Soccer: Agora Coaching Sticks (6 sets of 6)
Softball: JUGS Pop Up Portable Instant Screen, Worth Batting Helmets w/Mask, Easton Synge Fastpitch Catchers Set
Tennis: Two (2) Edwards Tennis Nets, Two (2) Center Straps
Track: 40m Javelin, 60m Javelin, Track Repair Material
Volleyball: Spike Trainer, 20 Spalding TF 5000 Volleyballs

2011-12 Purchases
* Game Goals Field Hockey $2425
* 23 Cascade CPX Helmets for Boys Lacrosse $3000
* Hudl Video Analysis Software for Football $800

2010-11 Purchases
* Gill high jump pit, base material, cover, standards and bar for B/G Track $6,395
* Pole Vault Standards for B/G Track $1150
* Installation of dual practice courts for B/G Volleyball $2880

2009-10 Purchases
* Wind screen for Tennis Courts $1200
* Away Uniforms for Girls Lacrosse $380
* Shell purchase contribution for Crew $2500

2008-2009 Purchases
* Scoreboards for Softball & Soccer/Track, Lacrosse/Field Hockey Fields $12,214
* Golf Cart for Trainer $2,500
* Track Timers for Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track $441
* Training Supplies for Soccer $203
* Goalie equipment for Field Hockey $1515
* Catcher’s gear and training items for Softball $677
* Concession Upgrade & Hot Water Containers $1000

Past Purchases
* Cheerleading Mats
* Donations for Boat Rack/Slings (Crew team)
* Nassahegan Lights Donation
* Drag Mat for Baseball Field
* Tennis Ball Machine
* 1000 Point Plaque
* Fence along Route 4
* Bleachers for Softball Field

Sponsored Events

All sponsored events are hosted by the Booster Club with volunteers primarily consisting of Executive Board members and a core group of member volunteers. In addition to time donated by our volunteers, items are donated for raffles, food supplied for refreshments (also from membership volunteers), programs/handouts.

* Fall, Winter & Spring Parent/Athlete Nights
* Fall, Winter & Spring Awards Nights
* IMPACT Testing
* Alumni Night Celebration
* Concession Sales during Volleyball & Basketball games
* 8th Grade Activity Fair
* Senior Athlete/Family Picnic

Yearly Ongoing Purchases
* Professional Development for Coaches ($2000 annually)
* $50 per team for Senior Night activities
* League Championship t-shirts (for qualifying teams)
* State Championship Awards (for qualifying teams)
* Scholarships: $2000 in Scholarship Awards
* Senior Gifts
* Fan buses for big games when demand exists
* Startup donation for new athletic programs $500

How does the LSM Athletic Booster Club support my team?

Each year the athletic department distributes an “Equipment Budgetary Request” to all coaches allowing them the opportunity to request items for their team. This form is submitted to the Coordinator of Athletics as part of the regular budget process.

Each of the items requested are prioritized by the coach as follows:

1 = required equipment for program to function at current level – uniforms or necessary replacement equipment;
2 = upgrade replacement of current equipment (must state rationale);
3 = equipment that would enhance program (must state rationale).

Once submitted, the administration reserves the right to discuss alternatives to requests if said items fall outside responsible budget guidelines. Those items that can be covered by the budget will be approved. In some cases, teams may also be able to purchase these items using money fundraised or donated to that specific program. Any item that is deemed necessary but is not covered by the school budget or team will be sent to the Booster Club for their consideration. Final approval by the Booster Club is based on recommendations from the administration, current financial level, etc. and is then voted on for approval by the Executive Board.

as of 9/29/2013