Is this the BFG??  No it’s the BFT according to a 3rd grader, Alexa Robertson!

I am Brennan Glasgow.  My official title is Math Coach for Grades Pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade. Since my initials are BFG and I am 6’5” tall maybe it is natural that my nickname amongst the students is the BFG.  This is the name of a character from a book by Roald Dahl.  He is one of my favorite authors.  If you click on his name it will link you to his official web site.  It is as much fun as his stories.

They say time flies when you are having fun and that is definitely the case for me.  I can’t believe this is already my sixth year in Region 10 and my 25th year in education.  I can still clearly remember my first day as a student teacher at Flanders Elementary School in East Lyme with Mrs. Gavin, my cooperating teacher.  When she let me lead a math game in the afternoon, Anthony threw up all over his desk.  Talk about an ominous beginning, but for me it was a valuable lesson. When working with kids, you can never tell what will happen, but that is also what keeps it exciting.  Here I am 25 years later, still learning and still being surprised everyday.  No wonder the time has flown.

Here in Region 10, I work very closely with Alyce Barlowski, the K-12 Math Coordinator.  This close relationship is vital to ensure a seamless experience for our students as they transition from the elementary school on up to the high school.
One teacher described me as the Grandfather of Math.  I get to stop into classrooms and visit with the kids for a while like a Grandparent visiting their grandchildren.  There is some truth to that, I do get to visit many classrooms and work with many students.  It allows me a unique perspective.  I get to see not only the day-to-day progression but also the year-to-year progression.  The growth from year to year is so apparent as I visit classrooms from the various grades. 

The model we are using is one of on-going professional development.  I work with the staff on an ongoing basis to try and improve math instruction.  It is impressive that this school system is going this route.  We are able to not only support teachers new to the system but also provide ongoing education for the teachers that have served Region 10 so well over the years.

If you have a site we should add to our student page please let me know.  Just copy the URL and email it to me.  I try to check every site at least once a week to make sure it is working and doesn’t have any problems, but if you experience any problems please let me know.

I would also love the opportunity to meet with parents or groups to talk more about math, so if you would like to schedule a meeting please contact me at


Text Box: I also teach lessons at the Partners In Literacy & Numeracy program each month!  It is when I am with these students that I really do feel like a Big Friendly Giant!image7