Elizabeth Draper

Hello and welcome to my webpage!

      I have worked within Regional School District #10 since 2001 as a Teaching Assistant, Computer Lab Assistant, a District Computer Technician, and most recently as the District Database Technician.

      My background in Computer Information Systems (CIS) goes back several years to earning an A.S. Degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Waterbury State Technical College in 1987.

      Upon graduation I immediately started working for Norden Systems, a United Technology Company out of Norwalk, CT.  I worked as a Technician testing and troubleshooting avionic modules which were part of a larger radar​ system for Navy aircraft such as the B52 Bomber and A6E Intruder. This was a very specialized training an I enjoyed working for UTC.

      My passion for Technology, including Computer Science, led me to continuing my education at Western Connecticut State University (WestConn) in Danbury, CT.

      A wedding, family, and a job transfer sent our family to Greenville, SC which put my education on hold.

      Fast forward to 2016: Boys are in college and I now have time to return to school!  I currently attend Post University working towards earning a BS Degree in CIS: Database. The degree is a personal goal and the education benefits me every day at Region 10.

Outside of work and school I enjoy videography, photography, music, movies, and gardening.