Technology In The Schools

In Region 10 we strive to make technology available when it's needed, where it's needed. We have traditional computer labs, wireless laptops on carts and computers in classrooms. All the schools have wired and wireless networks.

Lewis Mills High School

Two Business Department Labs for classes in business applications, desktop publishing and web design. Both labs are equipped with computers that can run Windows or Mac OSX which allows students to learn on different platforms.
* A Video production lab.
* A CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) lab.
* A music lab.
* A lab for teachers to use with their classes.
* A "walk in" lab for students that can also be used by teachers as needed.
* 6 wireless laptop carts.

Har-Bur Middle School

* A lab for the computer applications course.
* Two labs for teachers to use with their classes.
* 2 wireless laptop carts for each grade level
* The "Wired 5th Grade." Each 5th grade classroom has a computer for every student, half desktops, half wireless laptops.

Harwinton Consolidated School and Lake Garda School
* Each school has a computer lab for whole class instruction
* Each school has 4 wireless laptop carts that can be taken to classrooms
* Each elementary school classroom has 5 computers for student work

Other Technology

Interactive White Boards and/or projectors
HoverCam Document Cameras