Student Log In to Office 365

Students log in with their network user name adding "" to it. So if your network user name is "12smithq" your Office 365 Log in will be "".

Students use their network password. 

Students in grades 5-12 have e-mail using the address above.

1. Go to your school website, click on "Students" and choose "Office 365 Login"
2. Enter you network user name as above. Example
3. Use your normal school network password
4. Once logged in you will see the offer to install Microsoft Office for free on up to 5 of your family computers. If you wish to do this click the download button and follow the directions. This is not required to use Office 365, rather it's a free perk from Microsoft.
5. The squares at the bottom are Office 365. Click "One Drive" to access all your files.
a. To upload a file click the "upload" button at the top, navigate to the file location on your computer or flash drive and click "choose".
b. You can also upload a file by dragging and dropping it into One Drive
6. To create a new file click the squares in the upper left corner, the tiles appear, click "Word". You are now in Word on-line. 
7. Rename the document by clicking in "document" in the tile bar at the top. use only letters and numbers in a name. Don't use symbols.
8. You can open the document in the full version of word if you have it on your computer by clicking the "Open in Word" link at the top. Remember to save when you work in the full version of Word and it will save back to One Drive.

How to Share a Document
1. Click the "Share" button on the top right.
2.type the last name of the person you wish to share with in the box that opens. A list of possible choices appears. make sure you click the correct person! Click "Share"

How to open a document that is shared to you.
1. Go to One Drive
2. On the left click "Shared with me"
3. Click the document name to open it

4. Click the "Edit" button at the top and choose "Web browser", the 2nd choice in the list.