Technology Information

Microsoft Office 365 is a set of online tools for communication, collaboration, time-management, and document storage.  All Region 10 students have an Office 365 account.  

These tools include:

  • ●  Outlook 365: closed email system that allows students to email other students and staff members in Region 10 but does not allow them to send or receive email from addresses outside of Region 10.

  • ●  Calendar: a customizable calendar and to-do list through Outlook 365

  • ●  Office 365: a word-processing (Word), spreadsheet(Excel), presentation (Power Point and Sway), forms and online note book (One Note) that allows multi-user access and editing though a secure login

  • ●  OneDrive: a place to store and create files using Office 365 that can be accessed from any online device using the student’s email address

  • ●  Teams: an online learning management system where teachers can organize materials, assign homework and students can complete and hand-in assignments. 

Caution: Be alert to Spoofs when working online

     TeamViewer is not associated with or integrated in any way into Microsoft Teams.  This is a popular third-party remote control application that can optionally be integrated into the Intune device management platform. 
     We are aware of a common ploy where an "evil-doer" uses the name of a trusted brand (spoofs / impersonate) to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. Microsoft is committed to protecting client data and privacy. Microsoft will never  initiate support calls via telephone. 

     Spoofing exploits are highly effective yet easily defeated by learning how recognize them.  We see this as an opportunity to share best practices around cybersecurity with the Region 10 learning community.  

Here is an example of a lesson with resources that may help: